hi. i'm Tetrus "the russian guy", also known as "that russian dense motherbababooey who ruined my life", and i'm doing nothing...

wait no, actually something, i'm just yet another interweb traveler who's doing usual and unusual stuff such as:

  1. searching around the web for all kinds of things
  2. perhaps showing you some weird stuff
  3. just laughing at dumbest things you've could imagined like for example "RR34"
  4. leeking dumb #### for 20 quid (haha no, just leaking some dumb stuff in general :) )
  5. non-stop of "why this discord bull is always broken" for 24/7
  6. making artworks or something???
  7. trying to escape Russia
  8. ...well you name it.

while being a small fella is a bit problem you think, it's actually fine by me, so don't expect something big from me.

my interests are in computer-side of things in both modern and old-school ways, just games in general both in "made in russia" and "made in /insert country here/" ways, just traveling around in IRL, and something else you might bring on???

if you want to contact me, here's the list of ways you can:

  1. email: tetrus@tilde.team (opens in your default mail program)
    • send your complains about me in here too! (if you're a real human being)
  2. xmpp: tetrus@tilde.team (gajim or something that supports OMEMO is cool)
    • not sure in which server you should be into? check the server list, don't worry about selection of the server, due to nature of XMPP (more info here), you'll able to talk to me from any server!
  3. (only if we're folks) twitter: @tetrus93
  4. discord?: haha, no. heres why.

this page is cooler than your below-average carrd.co crap :sunglasses: